December 28, 2007

Now Asterix gets into the fast food business

20071201_asterix A minor obsession of mine since we got to Crete had been the number of businesses using Obelix as a mascot, whether it was moving homes, controlling parking, or making a pun on the fact that a kebab is called an Οβελιας.

So it was a bit of a novelty in Kalyves to see a fast food outlet named after the famous partner of Obelix, Asterix.

September 16, 2006

Obelix controls the parking in Hania

Obelixparking I know the whole Obelix thing is a mystery to those of you outside Hania - but I just can't convey how strange it is to see so many businesses using him in their logos, when he has, frankly, no association with Crete or Greece whatsoever. On the edge of town one of the businesses using his likeness even have him controlling the parking outside their showroom with that trademark finger wag of his

August 31, 2006

Obelix keeps time in Chania bus station

Obelixclock Each morning whilst Claire is waiting for her bus to work, we buy a coffee from the little kiosk inside the bus station - it means we get to practice a tiny bit of conversational Greek as well with the lady who works there. After months though, for the first time the other day, I noticed that behind the cash desk is yet another Obelix in Hania - this time on a clock, advertising the removals business whose Obelix emblazoned van I've already spotted.

At least we've cleared up one reason why we see so many cartoons of Obelix here in Crete. In Greek, a kebab shop is called an Οβελιστηριο (Obelisterio), presumably because the slab of meat the kebabs get shaved from resembles an obelisk. Using the super-strong cartoon Gaul as a visual pun is obviously too much of a temptation for some.

July 14, 2006

Obelix delivers bread in Vamos

Obelixinvamos Another one to add to my collection of Obelix themed signs in Crete - here the big-boned super-strong Gaul is delivering bread in Vamos - watched, it seems, by some rather weird ears of corn with faces.

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It seems that everywhere we go in Crete, there is a sign writer lurking, paint poised, ready at the drop of a hat to depict the crazy fat super-strong Gaul with the menhir, doing all manner of jobs in Greece.

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