Fashion disaster

June 22, 2007

Lawrence of Arabia visits Chania

We thought that Lawrence of Arabia was in Chania harbour the other day - one of an intermittent series of fashion disasters spotted on our travels.


May 27, 2007

Raod Trip Day #2: Fashion disaster at Knossos

0012afashion It is a bit unfair to pick on individual people like this - but when we were at Knossos we were left gobsmacked by this astonishing tourist ensemble.

It wasn't just the ferocity of the colour and the patterns under the burning Cretan sun. It was the way the over-sized hat was perched on the bouffant hair.

March 02, 2007

Fashion victims in Salzburg

I've been a long-time fan of Annie Mole's attempt to catalogue fashion disasters on the London Underground, and even more amazed that nobody has ever spotted themselves being photographed and taken offence.

At the weekend I couldn't resist doing a bit of sneaky fashion disaster spotting camera work myself, as we followed these two old dears walking through Salzburg's old town.


It was so spectacular from the back that we raced around to the front and set up a stunt shot with Claire slightly off-camera, so that I could capture the full horror of those coats.


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Fashion disaster

Wherever we go, we can't help noticing the odd fashion disaster. This is a list of the disasters we witnessed before September 2007.

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