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September 29, 2008

Meow space in Macau

Seeing the 3D cat sculpture on our local beach reminded me of our feline encounter in Macau. Taipa Island, where we were staying, has a little Sunday morning market. They make quite a big thing of it in adverts and posters for it, but in reality it is a very small collection of stalls.

The nicest of them by far was 'Meow space'.


The artist, whose name we didn't catch, takes her own photographs of cats, and then hand-makes cat merchandise. When we were walking around mainland Macau on our way to Penha Church, we came across her studio and shop.


In the background, you can see the trademark cats she has painted on the wall opposite the shop. We'd spotted these in several places in Macau, and hadn't twigged that they were her calling card.

You can find the Meow Space website at meowspace.mysinablog.com

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