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September 01, 2008

Climbing Taipa

There is a hill you can walk up in Taipa which is about a 6km round trip from where we stayed. You get a spectacular view across the development of the new casinos on the reclaimed land between Taipa and Coloane Islands.


There is a view across the water to see the Macau skyline, and at the very top there is a little pagoda. We stopped there for a bite to eat and a flask of coffee, before we vacated it to allow a group of elderly ladies to do their Tai Chi exercise.



You also get a bird's eye view of the airport. Although it looks like it serves some big planes here, there are no direct services we've found from Greece, and so we always have to fly to Hong Kong and then get the ferry to Macau.


The planes may have looked tiny - but still not quite as small as Salzburg Airport looked when we visited the top of the Untersberg when we lived near there!

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