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August 13, 2008

Trying to recreate our fantastic voyage - FAIL

Greek culture is keen on recreating legendary voyages. We have our own replica Minoan ship in Chania, and a few weeks back a multi-national EU crew rowed a replica of Jason's Argonaut carrying boat to Italy. We tried a bit of a recreation of our own, and decided to get the ferry from Piraeus to Chania at the end of our Athens trip.

Just over two years ago we made the same voyage. That time we weren't sure what to expect on the ferry, had never visited Crete, and had no idea whether we would be able to find a house or make a home there. But what we did have was a couple of backpacks full of stuff, and a lovely, lovely ice cold beer by the side of the ship before we set sail.



This time around, we were much better prepared for what to expect from ANEK lines. We got the complimentary bus that takes you from just about the door of the Metro to the ANEK ticket office - even though it is only ten minutes walk.

Then we headed off to get our ice cold beer...only to find that the quayside bar has been converted into a Starbucks!



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That is sad indeed...
I used to love Starbucks, but the rate they have been popping up everywhere destroyed for me the original appeal.

There are 4 (!) on my last count in Heraklion: 2 near 25th of August street, 1 on Dimokratias and 1 in the Talos complex.
And of course there is one now in Chania square (gone is the gyros place!)

I love the Starbucks New York cheese-cake, but coffee is better elsehwere.
In Heraklion for example, at Talos, I much prefer the Flocafe (a chain, but at least a Greek one!...Greek cafes were onto the "smart cafe" thing way before Starbucks)

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