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August 20, 2008

The magic of Macau

One night we took a wander around Macau looking at the nightlife on the main peninsula. We had a good two hour stroll around, and one of the things we were looking for was the night market. We found what was left of the day market, before it fully closed, but apparently the special night market stalls only come out at the weekend, so we missed them.

We did make a fantastic find in the back-streets around Rua de Barca however - Iong's Magic Shop.


When we went in, it seemed empty, and so we had a peer through the cabinets of tricks, books and DVDs, as really dramatic stage musician music blared out. In the corner was a cage of live doves, and all around the walls and ceiling were magic posters and paintings from the turn of the 1900s.

Then, a young Chinese guy emerged from the back room, went to the counter, and began to do some tricks for us. It is, of course, a great sales technique, and so we bought our first magic trick. He then carefully trained Claire to do it properly, so, watch out Chania, we'll be wandering around doing 'street magic' before you know it!


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