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August 27, 2008

The giants of basketball - missing stunt photo!

Sadly I missed out on a brilliant photo, because I couldn't get my camera ready in time. We were walking through the Venetian Casino's Shopping Mall in Macau, when we came across this chap on stilts.


The thing was, at the time, the casino was holding a mini-basketball competition between the USA, Turkey and Lithuania. As the stilts-man walked around, towering over the Chinese, he was being followed by two of the Lithuanian basketball team, who basically were only fractionally smaller than the guy on stilts. I have never seen such big people in all my life, and to see them walking behind a chap on stilts who only just equalled their height was hilarious.

But...no photo. D'oh!


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One of the all-time startlers for me, was in some airport somewhere when we were checking through security along with a Chinese ladies' basketball team - every woman was over 6'3". I think it was more shocking for Eric, as he's used to being one of the tallest people in a crowd. I felt like a flea...

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