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August 19, 2008

Rock comes to Chania!

8404903 We don't get to go to gigs very much here in Greece - it is one of the things we miss most about the UK. There are a lot of concerts across Greece, but not many big international names come, and certainly, few of them reach Crete.

So, imagine our excitement when we saw a poster for Chania's Rock Festival featuring Paradise Lost, a band we have CDs by!

It is just down the road from us this weekend. A whole rock festival in our adopted home town. How cool.

Oh, hang on, this weekend you say?

You mean, the weekend we are on holiday across the island in Elounda?


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Just like you I've missed the festival.
Last week I've been staying near Chania.. Xania.. Hania.. for a week.
When I saw the flyer I was really excited! Yes, 'real' rock on Crete! When I saw the date I was a little sad.. The 22th of August I would leave Crete until next year..

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