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August 06, 2008

Getting thrown out of bars...

One exciting development during our stay in Athens was that we appear to have developed a new habit for being thrown out of bars. I mean, not literally in the scruff-of-the-neck 'out you go drunken Brits' sense, but the effect is the same.

On our first night we wanted to have a final drink in the roof garden of the Art Cafe. It is situated just by one of the digs going on in the old centre of town, and has a view across the ancient market up to the Acropolis.


We waited ages to be served, so by the time the harassed waiter arrived, we were gasping for our after-dinner Irish Coffee and a beer. Claire got as far as "I'll have an Irish Coffee..." when she was interrupted with:

"No. We don't do coffee now. Only drinks and food."

Quite how "Irish coffee and beer" wasn't going to count as 'drinks' I don't know, but we got the hint and pushed off.

The next night we were even more brutally dismissed. We had read about a rooftop bar to the south-east of the Acropolis, which had impressive views over the city. We headed off there in the early evening, only to find that it didn't look open. The sign on the door said 7:30pm, and since it was 7:20 we thought we'd chance our arm.

When we got to the top of the stairs the staff turned and looked at us in horror. "Are you open?" I enquired gently. "No, closed" said the main man, resplendent in a white-and-pink suit. "Oh, what time?" I asked him. And he just turned his back on me. One of the staff repeated the question to him in Greek, and he muttered 'Eight' and waved his hand dismissively at me. I guess we were just not trendy enough for Exo, even in the early evening. At least we got to see the view anyway.


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martin, i'm amazed you're still in greece after such gruff treatment!

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