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July 23, 2008

Popping into Pagopiion

On our Saturday night in Heraklion we had a big mixed sea food platter by the sea front. We then headed back into town to check out a bar called 'Pagopiion' described in our guide book as the most original bar on the island.

It is situated just off the main square of the St. Titus church.


We had a couple of drinks sitting outside, and, although they came accompanied by some interesting nibbles, we didn't really see what all the fuss was about. Until we went in to visit the toilets.

It was gorgeous inside, with really elaborate decoration, hanging paper signs everywhere, pieces of modern art, and the most amazing unisex bathroom. Some of the decoration depicted animals. And some of it depicted animals having sex. It certainly was much more impressive on the inside than we'd realised from our outside seats, although I didn't really get a good picture of it.


The other 'special' thing about the bar was the t-shirts the staff were all wearing. They depicted two men enjoying oral sex with each other, with one of them having a trumpet emerging from his bum, with musical notes dancing out of it. Original and tasteful!

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