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July 28, 2008

Nothing is sacred

Heraklion is a much bigger, noiser, more built-up and, dare I say it, grubbier city than Chania. It feels much more 'functional' than 'resort'. It is the little things that make it seem more urban - and one of those is the graffiti.

Although you get a lot of graffiti all over Greece, and we've spotted plenty of stuff in Hania, it was noticeable that in Heraklion that even taboo things like monuments, statues and churches have been vandalised.



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hania may be more beautiful, but it is a much snobbier, less professional town herakelion. things work there, and life is much cheaper and more practical. this is my experience after having experienced children's hsopitals (the last time i was there was probably four years ago), and english oral examinations (i do this twice a year every year). hania is too cliquey for its own good

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