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June 18, 2008

(Slight return)

We never wanted to own one of those blogs that suddenly died a death and fell silent, but for the last couple of months it seems like we have. By now, you might have expected to hear all about our Easter night at the cathedral, our opinions on the Ukrainian sunflower oil scandal, Eurovision, the terrible earthquake on the mainland and the landfill stand-off in Corfu, and, of course, Euro2008.

In fact, we missed a lot of those things because we have spent much of the last couple of months working in London, which is not very bloggable. I've also been very busy putting together a couple of web projects to coincide with Euro2008. Euro 2008 Chipwrapper is a search engine and set of tools to help you find British newspaper coverage of the tournament. As well as that I developed Fansivu, which scans in real time Tiwtter, Flickr and the blogosphere for content about Euro2008.

We've been back in Crete for a couple of weeks now, and had some friends to stay, and done a bit of exploring on the island, so you can finally expect a few posts over the next couple of weeks. And a big thank you to everyone who emailed to ask what had happened to the blog - it is nice to know that people enjoy reading, and that people were worried when we went quiet.




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Welcome Back - we're starting to look forward to our trip to Astpalea in a couple of months.

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