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June 23, 2008

A trek to Georgioupoli's chapel

After visiting Lake Kournas we headed to Georgioupoli. This distinguishes itself by being one of the few villages or towns in Crete to have a statue in the main square which isn't of Eleftherios Venizelos.


We stopped by the sea-front for a drink. The beach is a very narrow strip, but stretches a long way around. There is a small jetty with a chapel on it, and we decided it would be churlish to visit the village and not pay our respects there.

This turned out to be much harder than we had anticipated. From a distance the jetty looked like it was probably tarmac, but when you got up close you realised it was just loosely piled together stones. It was solid enough, but was quite testing on the feet as you needed a constant sense of balance along the walk.


When we got to the chapel they were obviously doing some renovation work, as amongst the religious icons and artifacts were some rollers and pots of paint. The smell was definitely much more 'white spirit' than 'Holy Spirit'.


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