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April 06, 2008

Fire! Fire! The Macau fire service museum

We've recently been in Macau, and I've been pretty slow about writing it all up for the blog...

After our visit to the park, cemetery and art gallery, our next port of call was the Fire Service museum. This is housed next to the current fire station on the Macau peninsula. In the opening lobby it features a couple of trucks used by the service in the 1950s and the 1960s.


On display was all sorts of kit used by the fire service through the hundred or so years of their existence. They also had a wall of photographs of them in action, fighting massive fires in the crowded streets of Macau, and rescuing bewildered old ladies who were no doubt now delighted to be on display in their predicaments.


There was a lot of old communications equipment from the 1980s on display as well. I was struck by how simply massive it was, when now you could do the whole thing off a small laptop and use Bluetooth headsets.



We were also a bit worried by these photographs, which seemed to illustrate the time when some 60s Doctor Who monsters staged an invasion of Macau that was only valiantly fought off by the fire crews.


The only disappointment of the visit was that you didn't get to exit the museum by jumping out and sliding down one of those lap-dancing style poles firemen are so fond of.


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I noticed you have some great images and history of the Fire Service Industry. We gave created one of the most comprehensive databases of Fire Apparatus at http://www.emergencyrigs.net. We are looking to expand it. We have mostly modern pictures we would love it if you can help update our site with images from the museum or any other images you may have. Thank you.

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