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March 25, 2008

The lemon tree survives and thrives

Although I've mostly been writing about Macau the last few days, we did in fact arrive back in Crete a week or so back, and today we will be at the Greek Independence Day parade in town. Now, I know the most important thing you'll want to know is how the lemon tree got on whilst we were away for a month. It was last seen looking rather bedraggled and sorry for itself in our front room, as we tried to protect it from the rest of the storm that had basically de-nuded it of all its leaves.

Poorly lemon tree

The good news is that not only is it alive, but it is thriving!


Before we left we put it in the back courtyard where it could get some direct sun and any rain that fell, and hoped for the best. Well, it has lots of fresh young leaves, and plenty of buds, so we might actually get some new lemons growing this year. Assuming the 'horses of god' don't decimate it first, of course.


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Good to hear your baby lemon survived!

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A lemon tree of our own

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