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March 08, 2008

Calimero! Calimero! I feel like chicken tonight!

20080224_calimero One of our favourite bands are Welsh outfit Super Furry Animals. We've been to see them lots in concert. Well, we did when we lived in the UK, anyway. Despite having all of their albums and most of their singles, they often used to play this one song live that we didn't recognise, as it was on the b-side of one of the few CD singles that we didn't own.

Finally, at one gig, lead singer Gruff explained that it was called 'Calimero', and was named after a cartoon they used to get in Wales in the 70s which featured a young chicken that still had a bit of eggshell on his head.

They used to play clips of the cartoon in the background during the song, but I was never 100% convinced it wasn't all just a figment of Gruff's drug-addled imagination.

Until the other day when we saw these in our local Lidl....Calimero socks!

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My husband is a huge SFA fan and introduced me to these mad and brilliant welshmen... I couldn't believe it when I first heard 'Calimero'. When I was a kid in Holland 'Calimero' was one of my favourite cartoons on TV!!!
Connie Armstrong

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