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February 11, 2008

The owl house survives

At the foot of our road is an abandoned old factory / warehouse / mill or something or other, which is in spectacular ruins. This is where our local pair of owls live. They often swoop down our street during the summer months.

The building next door has been torn down, and a new supermarket is rapidly going up in its place. Fortunately, the 'owl house' itself does not seem to have been disturbed by the building work. Whether the owls will still fancy living in the neighbourhood remains to be seen.

It looks very sparse in the winter, and the contrast with a picture from the summer tells you everything you need to know about how the island changes through the seasons. It looks different, but still intriguing and often spectacular.

The owl house in winter

The owl house in summer

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Turns out that just a couple of days after publishing this, we saw the owls for the first time since we got back to Crete in November. As we left to go down to town about 7pm we saw the pair of them, and then when we came back later one flew over us as we got off the bus. It is nice to know they are still there.

It looks like a Dr. Who location...

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