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February 21, 2008

Invasion of the blobs

With the terrible weather we've been having, lots of debris has washed up on the beaches we usually walk to town on. Most sinister of all has been these black blobs.

Blobs on the beach

The blob

Claire thinks it might be some kind of oil - but I'm slightly concerned it may be another attack by Omega's anti-matter blobs...

Blob attacks Bessie

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I'm with Claire on this one. Oil tankers, which ply the Med constantly, are supposed to sail empty when they have delivered but it is common practise to fill the tanks with water to make the ship sit properly. At some stage on their journey to fill up -somewhere out in the Med, they flush the water from their tanks, along with the detritus from their last load of crude (your blobs). It is illegal. It is disgusting. It is an eco-nightmare. And when we get storms like the one that just came through the filthy results of their disgusting behaviour wash up on our beautiful beaches. Merdre.

Darn that pesky renegade Time Lord, but didn't his blobs look more like the aniseed dot-covered jelly balls from Liquorice allsorts?

Looks like you've got an attack of Armus from Vagra II to me – he did for the lovely Tasha Yar you know.

(Sorry, I spend my time in Greece sitting under a tamarisk scribbling sci-fi stories - grin)

Alien, definitely.

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