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February 02, 2008

HP Sauce in Maleme

9047_britishfoodstore We took another trip to Maleme on the KTEL bus the other day. We'd last been there in November, looking for the fabled 'British Food Store', without any luck since it was yet to open. This time we were more fortunate.

One thing that always makes me laugh about 'British' food now, especially if you read a lot of the press like the Mail and the Express moaning about immigrants, is that a large number of the specialities are curry and oriental dishes. The British shop sold a wide range of Indian spices, Naan breads, cook-in-wok noodles and so forth.

We left armed with some trusty HP Sauce and a packet of Jaffa Cakes.

We then went for coffee in The Black Lantern. This taverna is very English orientated, and offers a Sunday Roast. The chef from it did a series of appearances on the late, lamented, Crete News & Life programme.

The Black Lantern

With it being quite cold and windy, we didn't bother going down to the shore, as we knew from our last visit here that it would be deserted. We did go and have a look at the local church though.

Maleme Church

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So, just some Ribena, Marmite, Coleman's Mustard, Branston Pickle, White Bread Sauce mix and PG Tips and you'll be sorted.

Mind you, I love the Oregano-flavoured crisps you can get in Greece and those tomatoes...

We had a nice curry in Paleohora a couple of years ago in a veggie taverna called 'The Third Eye'. It's run by an ex-Greek Army tank driver-turned buddhist and on curry night they had a sitar and tabla player.

Meanwhile, here in Brighton our local cash 'n' carry has just started stocking Mythos...hoorah!


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