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January 04, 2008

The harbour is still open

When we first arrived in Chania last year it was just at the end of the March, and so we watched the town gradually wake up for the tourist season. However, we didn't know quite how sleepy it would get during winter.

Fortunately, it turns out that our four favourite places in the harbour stay open all year.

Santé is the home of the Chania harbour webcam, and is a little internet cafe that gets a bit mainstream during the height of summer, but during quieter periods plays lots of indie and alternative music. The only drawback at the moment is that every time we visit, the same teenage couple seem to be making out on the sofa at the back rather noisily. It can be quite off-putting

20071202_pallas Pallas is another place we frequent. They have free wifi, and the guys there are really friendly. During the summer we generally sit outside, but in the winter you can use the room upstairs. This is really nicely decorated and very cosy, with a rusty old gramophone in the corner.

Remezzo is our old faithful. On our very first morning in Chania after the overnight ferry from Athens, we stood in the harbour at 6am, watching the sky lighten and waiting for people to open. Remezzo was where we stopped for our very first coffee in Crete. The guys all know us now and are kind enough to at least attempt to speak Greek with us, which gives us a chance to practice.

Finally Muses has become a regular Saturday haunt for me. The usually have some English football on in the afternoon, or failing that a game from Germany or France or somewhere. Either way it is a very pleasant spot to spend the afternoon and watch the footie and the world go by.

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Hi Martin - you do know, don't you, that the webcam in Cafe Sante has not worked in the last 10 months or so. We went in there in September to ask why it isn't working and the guy did not seem to know it existed. Keep blogging - I love it!

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