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January 06, 2008


We felt our first earthquake today since moving to Greece. We both woke up at just gone 7am with the bed wobbling, and the local dogs going beserk. It took a second to work out what was happening, and then it was over. Like everyone else on our street, we then emerged bleary-eyed on our balcony just to check that the sky hadn't fallen on our heads.

We said at the time we hoped it was a small local thing, rather than being right on the fringes of a major disaster in the region, but it was apparently quite big (6.5) and centred near Athens. There were, at the time of writing, no reports of any casualties or major damage, and Greek TV hadn't gone into full-on rolling news panic mode, so I guess its all OK, although, of course, there usually aftershocks after a big quake.

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