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January 31, 2008

No electricty + storm = eerie

Naked man At the weekend we had one of the nicest sunniest days in Crete for a while - it really felt like the first day of summer. Especially to one chap who decided to work on his all-over tan whilst I was walking into town.

It was quite a contrast to the weather earlier in the week. Claire and I were in the Triple W internet cafe in town when it seemed that the heavens literally opened and we got the month's rainfall in 5 minutes. The road down to Halidon from the cafe became a torrent in seconds, and we had no choice but to stay in there until it abated.

Which it didn't really.

We eventually scurried home at around 4:30, to find that the electricity was out in our neighbourhood. With the low cloud cover, rain and twilight, it was very eerie to be in a dark house.

Dementor We then got a terrible fright when a black plastic sack was whipped up our street by the wind. First of all it appeared on our balcony, looking from the corner of our eye like someone had just walked onto it. Then it was whisked up into the air, where it flew towards our window, like a Dementor from the Harry Potter movies.

The electricity came back on around 6pm, and Claire started to cook dinner, only for the electricity to go off again just as it was nearly ready.

Hmm, it was going to be one of those nights.

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