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January 08, 2008

Maria Callas exhibition in Chania

Before Christmas we went to see a photographic exhibition about Maria Callas, which is being held in the gallery on Halidon. Μαρια Καλλας - 30 Χρονια Μετα commemorates her death in Paris 30 years ago in 1977. I didn't know much about her when we visited, but it has rather piqued my interest.

Maria Callas

There are some great photographs in the exhibition, including some taken on Halidon street in Chania itself on a visit during the 60s, and some stunning images of her in the role of Medea in Covent Garden in the late 1950s.

There is also one panel featuring some fantastic old album covers.

Maria Callas album sleeves

Another picture in the gallery sees her seated behind a BBC microphone at Bush House, where I used to work. There is a short chapter devoted to the visit, in 1952, in George Angeloglou's book "This is London, Good Evening" about the Greek section of the BBC World Service, which also reproduced the photograph. During the visit they had to break BBC studio rules about allowing non-interviewed guests in the recording studio, because Maria's possessive husband refused to leave her side!

The exhibition is free to enter, and runs until the 20th of January.

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