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January 16, 2008

Green and black olives are the same - the proof!

There has been some debate in our household as to whether green and black olives were different varieties, or whether one was just a more ripened version of the other. Fount of all wisdom Wikipedia suggested the latter, but without proof we were still skeptical. Finally, just down the road from us, we saw the evidence we needed with our own eyes - green and black olives hanging next to each other on the same tree ;-)

Green and black olives together

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If you're good we might let you help with our harvest next year so you can find out more about olives at first hand LOL

Well I didn't know that! You learn something new every day...

If you follow that logic, then lemons and limes are the same fruit.

Green olives have marginally more calories than black...especially when nestling in the midst of a generous plate of τζατζίκι (grin).

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