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January 18, 2008

Digging up the harbour front

We wrote that one of the first things we noticed when we got back to Chania was that the abandoned eyesore of a hotel had been pulled down from the old city walls as you approached the harbour from Nea Hora.

The hotel is demolished

Well, now they seem to be digging up the whole area around The Monument of the Hand.



Judging by the looks of things, it is ΔΕΗ putting in some new electricity cabling and street lighting.

We watched amused as the old lighting was taken down. I always assumed old street-lights got lifted out of the ground by a crane, or perhaps were chopped down like timber. In Hania, however, it is done by having a couple of diggers repeatedly bash into then like some demented version of Robot Wars. It looked like great fun!

Speaking of the Monument of the Hand, in early December they must have had a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the SS Heraklion sinking. It happened on December 7th 1966, and when we walked to town a couple of days after that date the monument was bedecked with wreaths.


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