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December 04, 2007

NumberOfStrayDogsInChania += 1;

Prior to the last couple of rounds of Euro2008 qualifiers, England played a meaningless friendly against Austria. It was on a Friday night, and wasn't on TV anywhere in Greece. I headed down to Agia Marina, knowing that if anyone was going to be showing an obscure England match picked up off a bootleg satellite, it was The Kiss Bar.

Sadly, instead I got to watch a Polish dubbed documentary about the sex life of the Rhino. I did get to listen to the England match via their wifi though, and it turned out that the rutting rhinos were more entertaining.

An 8 o'clock kick off UK time means the match finishes at midnight here, so I had a little trouble getting home. The last KTEL bus back into Chania at this time of year is around 9 o'clock, so I made my way to the Agia Marina taxi office. They had their lights on, but nobody was home, and there were no taxis waiting there either.

So, I started walking...

...and walking...

...and walking.

Exactly 80 minutes later, I was home.

It hadn't been a lonely walk however. After about 10 minutes a dog joined me in my travels, and she faithfully wandered by my side all the way, literally, to our front door.

Where she seemed a little put out not to be invited in.

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