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December 23, 2007

Bizarre ref in the PAOK game

An utterly bizarre thing happened yesterday evening in the match between PAOK and Levadiakos.

The first bizarre thing, of course, is to wonder why I was watching it. Well, as ever I was down in town trying to watch English football on a Saturday. I did OK for the Arsenal-Tottenham match, but come the 3pm kick-offs UK time I was heavily out-numbered by locals wanting to watch PAOK. Damn these Greeks and their ridiculous constant desire to watch their own football in their own country ;-)

In between the PAOK game I got a bit of Liverpool-Portsmouth and the end of Aston Villa-Man City, so all was not lost.

Anyway, PAOK were winning 1-0, and the game had 3 minutes of injury time to play. In the 93rd minute, the referee went off injured. He made a big exhibition of leaving the field, hi-fived the fourth official who was taking over, applauded the fans like a player being substituted, and did a little Hercules Poirot-style bow.

The fourth official came on, blew the whistle to re-start play as PAOK took a throw-in, and then, literally, two seconds later, blew the final whistle! How very, very, very odd.

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