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December 19, 2007

A wander down to Maleme

We took a trip out to Maleme a couple of weeks back. It was strategically important during the Second World War battle for Crete, as it was gaining control of the Maleme airfield that gave the German's the toehold they needed on the island.

These days Maleme marks the end of the built-up tourist strip that runs from Kato Stalos for a few kilometres west of where we live.

We wanted to visit one specific shop - The British Food Store. We've not got homesick for English cooking, but there are a few bits'n'pieces that we do miss, so we thought we'd check it out. Claire heard about it at her yoga group - but it isn't actually open yet. They've got as far as putting the shop-front signs up, but the building isn't really kitted out yet.

200711_malemebeach We took a stroll along a very windswept Maleme beach. We've passed here on the little tourist trenaki before, but this time absolutely everything on the sea front was shut, and the only sounds were the huge waves breaking on the beach and the rattle of empty flag-poles.

We got a bit lost following some smaller paths back to the main road, and ended up in the garden of a rather surprised Greek old dear in her dressing gown, who quizzically put us right about where we should be heading.

Once we were back on the main strip we stopped for a coffee in Hackers Internet Cafe, which would, I'm sure, have been really nice had I not misinterpreted the waitress and gave a thumbs up ναι to ultra-sweet milky coffee. The exact opposite of how we take it!

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