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September 10, 2007

Synagogue Cafe in Chania

We've found a lovely new late-night after dinner cafe to go to in town - the Synagogue Cafe.


It isn't actually in the old Synagogue itself, but is next door to it in the backstreets behind the Konaki restaurant where we had our first ever meal out in Chania, and this year where I had my first beer boot of the season.

Claire read about the cafe in one of the free guides that we pick up from time to time, so we thought we'd check it out after dinner the other week. It was amazing.


It is inside the shell of an old Venetian building, taken up four old rooms. It has been beautifully lit, so that with the moonlight and the ambient lighting it is really cosy and friendly. It is completely open to the elements, and there are even trees growing inside it.


The play laid-back lounge music, and it has a really nice atmosphere.

Being very British still, we typically turn up just as it opens, around 10pm, and leave just as the party is really getting going. Because it is difficult to find in the back-streets, the crowd are almost exclusively Greek.

We love it - it is just a shame we found it so late in the season. We guess, as there don't seem to be any blinds or shutters in the building, that it must close for winter.

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Hello to you. I am Steve and I love your page. My Dad is moving to Crete soon so it is great to see how someone else is getting on who loves the place too. I also was trying to find some pics of the German war memorial. A friend has asked me to do a painting of it for him. I will paint it when Dad gets there and I visit him, but for now I will do one from your pics that way he will have 2, a then and now! Thank you for posting them, seem to be quite hard to find pics of it.
All the very best to you and have a great day!

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