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September 03, 2007

Minoan ship in the old Venetian dockyards

Early in August we got to see an exhibition of the replica Minoan ship built on Crete in the early 2000s.

Minoan ship

We've actually seen it being rowed around the island from Agia Apostoli, and again in Chania harbour at the re-opening of the lighthouse.

Minoan vessel

It was built using replica Minoan tools, and the design was based on an understanding of how the Minoan civilisation spread from Crete to trade with Italy, the Middle East and mainland Greece.

Minoan sails

It is being housed in the old venetian dockyard at the end of Chania's harbour. These are three giant buildings built to service galleys during the 1600s.

Replica Minoan vessel

The replica of the boat is accurate in every respect, and a fantastic achievement. It sailed from Crete to Athens for the 2004 Olympics bearing a laurel from the ancient olive tree at Vouvies.

Well, I say accurate in every respect - but I don't suppose that the Minoans had a Christian icon at the helm.

Vessel icon

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