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September 05, 2007

Cretan evenings at Golden Sands

Mostly this year we've had guests arriving on Tuesday, which is changeover day in Chania.

That means that all the charter flights arrive at once, the airport is in chaos, and we usually have some kind of water or electricity cut as every hotel and guesthouse in our neighbourhood frantically does their laundry and cleans the rooms.

We usually start off by taking our guests to the Cretan evening at Golden Sands, the resort near us which offers ping-bong.

It is, of course, a shameless tourist trap, but it is good fun and an introduction to the culture of the island.

Well, at least the packaged tourist version of it anyway.

For €12 per head you get an all-you-can-eat braai, and entertainment in the form of a troupe of Cretan dancers. We've become quite adept at joining in with the obligatory Sirtaki from Zorba The Greek, and on the odd occasion it has been known for Claire & I to be up dancing on a table in the middle of a crowd.

Fortunately, I haven't had to master the fire dance.

Dancing with fire

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Oh my God! U used the word Braai - does that mean that you originally hail from the good old R of SA? I am still enjoying reading your journal, it is really fascinating. Hope you are okay with all those fires raging - what a tragedy for the world, most especailly Greece.

Alex Cozens

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