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August 08, 2007

Road Trip Day #9: Spili and the Spoon-Thrower

Following our unscheduled drive through the mountains, we arrived at Spili just in time for lunch.

Because we'd come in at the wrong end of town thanks to my idiotic navigation, it meant we ended parked quite a way from the main square - and Spili was a bit bigger than we expected.

Eventually we found fountain square, which houses the town's main attraction - a fountain and water feature where the water emerges from numerous lion's mouths.


We sipped some of the cool refreshing water, and then found a place to eat, perched above the fountain.


It was very pleasant, but perhaps we did something to upset the waiter, as once we left and were walking out below the platform where we had been eating, he managed to drop on of our spoons down on us below! Claire went back up to return it to him, and then with a last sip of the refreshing fountain water, we headed off for our last destination of the day - Frangokastello


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