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August 24, 2007

England misery but Kiss Bar joy

We went to watch the England fiasco during the week at The Kiss Bar in Agia Marina. It is the place with free wifi and more football screens than you can shake a stick at. In fact during the course of the night we saw bits of Denmark v Republic of Ireland, Norway v Argentina, and Greece v Spain, as well as the England game.

Haplassrobinson Sadly though, we ended up being ashamed to be English - and not on account of Paul Robinson's goal-keeping.

There was a group of youngsters - probably the kind of binge drinkers terrorising every neighbourhood back in the UK - having a night out where the boys wanted to watch the footie, and the girls wanted the boys to watch them instead. It was all very loud and good-natured, but then it got a bit out of hand.

At the Kiss bar you can walk past the big screen into an extended area that isn't open to the public, and actually appears to be the owner's house and living quarters. This was too good for the girls to resist, and they kept sneaking out the back and then returning to the bar with 'comedy' props with which to try to distract the boy from In-ger-land.

Eventually the owner caught them sneaking around, and a row ensued. Whereupon, being very drunk and typically English, the girls got the right hump and started shouting at the owner "You're a rude man! A very rude man!".

Seeing as he was simply asking them not to keep stealing his stuff from a bit of the bar that wasn't open to the public, I didn't really think they had a leg to stand on.

So, having all left the bar in a huff, the whole group then returned another two times to keep re-igniting the row and trying to get some of their money back.

It was quite tiresome - and frankly, giving that there are about a gazillion places within walking distance where you can happily get wasted cheaply, we couldn't understand why they were hell-bent on hanging around the Kiss Bar. They were still milling about outside when we left, a good half hour later.

Still, we did get some good news. We found out from the owner that he stays open over the winter - so I'm guaranteed when we get back in November to have at least one place where I can watch footie, have a beer, and use the internet all at the same time. Huzzah!

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