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August 20, 2007

A night out at Hippopotamus in Hania harbour

Very soon after we arrived in Hania last year our explorations of the harbour took us past the Mexican Restaurant and bar called Hippopotamus that nestles amongst the fish restaurants at the less-touristy end of the harbour.


It seemed like it must have been put there sepcifically for us - my mum collects hippos, and we love Mexican food, so it seemed an obvious place to eat.

But somehow, until this week, we never got around to it.

We made up for this with a vengeance on Tuesday night though - gorging ourselves on Mexican food and Mojitos.

The waitress must have thought we were also ordering for some friends who hadn't arrived yet, because our nachos, fajitas and enpanadas all arrived together, and presented us with a gastronomic Mexican marathon.


We did the chef proud though, and chomped through most of it.

The mojitos there were superb, and the food really nice, and very, very hot. A definite place to visit again.


The funniest bit of the night was caused by a god though. We could hear this thing yapping away, but couldn't see it anywhere.

Then one of us looked up, and saw that he was giving everyone the benefit of his barking opinion from the safety of his first floor balcony!


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Hey Guys,

You adventures sound fantastic. My partner and I are contemplating moving to Greece sometime in the future (a long way off yet as we need to save some money first)and reading about the "fun" you have had setting up home has been very interesting - and brings it home to me that things might not be easy to get accomplished but if you are patient then the lifestyle seems worth it all. Hope you guys have a great time for the rest of your adventure - sure beats living in UK it has done nothing but rain all year here it seems!


As the other half of the 'gorging' couple, I agree that the food was hot and tasty, and the Mojitos yummmo...however, 'the funniest bit of the night' would be the dog rather than the 'god'... Obviously the Mojitos had a longer lasting effect than we thought!

A yapping God? And I thought he spoke to believers through the medium of prayer ;)

Apparently he moves through the mysterious medium of the typo...

Seeing that he has an evil glowing eye, I'd suggest that he's more likely to be serving the dark side. Satan's Terrier perhaps? ;)

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