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July 01, 2007

Now we live on Puppy Street

You may have picked up previously that we call one of the streets in Chania near the bus station "Puppy Street" by virtue of the fact that it has a pet shop which usually houses one or two young puppies for sale. Last year you could poke your fingers into their cages, and get some puppy snuffles and licks. This year however they are kept in glass contraptions, which means you can't touch them, which isn't half as much fun.

A few weeks ago though, the people next door to us got themselves a little σκύλακη called Lily.

She is very, very cute, and not at all noisy yet - but she also has a bit of a streak of mischief in her.


When our friends were here a couple of weeks back the girls approached Lily to give her some love and affection through the railings of her house. She tried to climb through, but the girls told her to stay where she was.


We got round the corner, to find that in the time it had taken us to get there, Lily had bounded down the stairs and through the garage on the other side, and was waiting for us on the street.

There was no sign of her family, so Claire picked her up, took her back round to the balcony railings, and put her back down on the other side.

Before Claire could get round the corner again, Lily had once again escaped onto the street, and was sitting there waiting for Claire to pick her up again - what a fun game!

Well, this happened two or three times, and we couldn't get Lily to stay in her house.

Eventually we had to set off, leaving her playing in the street with a couple of the kids from down the road, knowing that if anything happened to her on our busy street it would have been our fault for tempting Lily out to play when her family were out.

We were quite anxious to see if she was OK when we got back...

...and she wasn't there.

In fact, for the next couple of days we didn't see her, and K. & I. went home thinking that we might have killed the puppy!

Luckily she re-appeared a couple of days after that, and she's been seen bouncing up and down the street regularly ever since - so now we live on our very own Puppy Street.

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