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July 13, 2007

Not quite a UFO sighting over Chania

Well, we very nearly had an exciting UFO sighting to report to you.

I was sitting on the balcony on Monday night, when I saw some flashing lights in the sky above the house to my right.

We are on quite a few flight paths, so it wasn't that unusual - except that they appeared to be stationary in the sky. I was sitting down, and they were framed in a small gap between blocks of building on our street, and so it was really easy to see that they were not moving.

I watched the lights for half a minute, and then called Claire out onto the balcony.

Gratifyingly, she also thought it looked weird, and the lights stayed, seemingly still stationary for another thirty seconds or so before slowly moving off.

Now my best guess is that it was either a helicopter stationary out over the sea, or that it was a plane that was flying directly towards us very slowly, which gave it the appearance of being stationary. It was very odd though.

And it did at least reassure me of one thing.

I never understood why amateur footage of UFOs is always so rubbish with such an inane soundtrack to it.

Well, you should have seen me, rushing around the house unable to find my camera, and then filming a bit of blurry dark footage whilst saying really exciting things like "I don't think you can see anything with this" and other such illuminating babble.


Now I understand.

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