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July 12, 2007

No new lemons for us this year

What our lemon buds looked like last yearOur lemon tree isn't enjoying the best of summers.

First of all it was trapped in the courtyard with the horses of god / grasshoppers from hell who had a good old chew on it. Then we moved it to the front balcony, and although it seems to be doing better it is being constantly attacked by bugs and instincts.

Under guidance from our tree doctor friend we washed and cleaned the leaves and got it bug free for a couple of days, but it is still prone in the night to being attacked.

It did produce four new buds for potential lemons, but gradually they have all mysteriously disappeared in the night - either eaten or dropped off.

We still have the three growing lemons from last summer, which will be ripe at the end of this year, but it is a little disappointing :-(

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A lemon tree of our own

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