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July 07, 2007

Chania's Saturday market

It is funny how we still suddenly find stuff out about where we live.

Just casually asking someone the other week what they were doing at the weeked got the reply: "After I've been to the Saturday market I'll....blah blah blah".

Hang on a second. Did you say Saturday market?

So it turns out that in the year or so that we have been based in Chania, we never knew about the massive sprawling Saturday market. Well, obviously, we are never ones to miss a chance to nose around or have a shop, so the very next Saturday we were there. You have to walk past the permanent market for a few minutes away from the centre of town, and lo and behold, market heaven


Now, my home town, Walthamstow, claims to have some kind of record for the longest uncovered market in Europe or somesuch. Well, Chania would give it a run for its money.

At one end is a huge group of clothes stalls, with stalls where everything is a Euro, to stalls with the biggest bras for sale that I have ever seen.


Then a main road leading down to the harbour is full of fruit and vegetables. An amazing array of local produce is available, and you keep getting pressed to try these cherries or that cheese or have a slice of water-melon.

It is still a little bit too intimidating for us to buy something, but a trip to the market is now a definite feature of the week when people come to pay us a visit.


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I love to read about the spots I missed last year visiting Crete. It may sound silly but have you every thought about buying some travel guide on Crete, I mean one about Crete not on on all of Greece. I Remember that the market you visited was mentioned in a Dutch guide on Crete. (Last year I bought a guide on the Netherlands to see what tourists are made to believe, I learned some things I never knew and some I do not want to know).

Oh by the way your blog inspired me to finally put the diary I made on Crete online, a delay by almost a year. It may contain some useful addresses you missed. I will add photo's later next week. And my layout needs some changing

Ah, the missus has pointed out that apparently collectively we *did* know about the Saturday market - it is in our guide book - it was only *me* that hadn't heard of it...

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