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July 17, 2007

Annual comic exhibition at KAM

We visited one of our favourite annual events in Chania at the weekend - the comic exhibition at KAM.


The exhibition showcases panels of comic illustrations by young artists from Greece and France, all done in a variety of styles.

We are consistently amazed at the high standards these young artists achieve.

We noticed this year that the Greek entries tended to a be a bit more violent and militarily orientated, like those from Αναστασια Μπαμπεκου and Κωνσταντινος Καρτελιας.


This year there was a free magazine which reproduced one panel from the majority of the Greek entries, which meant I didn't have to sneak around KAM trying to take pictures when nobody was looking.

However, I didn't realise that it didn't have any of the French entries in it, which means I don't have a clip of one of my favourites. This French cartoon told the story of a man who had stolen the keys to the local municipal swimming pool to take his date there for a romantic midnight swim. Only to find, naturally, that there was a bleedin' great monster in it.

Claire's favourtie comic was from Αργυρω Αρρρμμααοου, which depicted a scantily clad criminal woman transform into a demon by growing wings from her back. The last frame showed her in a desperate state in a bed in hospital, with her wings tightly bound to her back. We thought it was brilliantly drawn.


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