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June 05, 2007

Watching England in English in Agia Marina

5993385_19d91817cf_m I was delighted to see that the pulling power of Late Wembley stretched to Greece, where England's opening match there was on terrestrial TV.

Nothing to do with the fact that Greek TV always shows every Brazil match of course.

I still went out though, to get a bit of atmosphere and so as not to disturb Claire - since the game wouldn't finish until midnight our time.

I went to our new haunt in Agia Marina - The Kiss Bar. It is almost exactly what we were looking for and failing to find all last year - somewhere with regular British football with English commentary.

I got to watch the England - Brazil game on BBC One with Gary and the Alans and everything.

The bar also has free wifi, which makes it pretty much my #1 venue in Crete! It is just a shame it is a taxi ride away.

In fact the taxi home was a bit of a shambles. Probably not helped by the beer I had been drinking I know.

I got him to drop me off at the foot of our road, and then asked "How much?" in Greek. He kept talking back at me in Greek, and then said "How much?". At first I thought he was trying to help correct my pronunciation or grammer or something.

Then I realised he was haggling over the fare - which really annoys me as the taxis are meant to be on a meter here, not on a whim.

We settled on €7, and then he didn't have change for a €20 note.

Or seemingly any change. Or money at all.

So, we then had to drive up the hill to the house, where I dashed inside and frantically tried to cobble together €7 out of €0.20 pieces and the like, in the process crashing through the living room and kitchen and waking up the missus, who was not best pleased as you can imagine!

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