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June 21, 2007

Under 21s and over 42s

Dejected_england You can learn a lot from taking part as a youngster in something like the UEFA Under 21s championship.

For example, last night the England lads learnt that international football is all about playing your heart out for your country in a gutsy backs-to-the-wall do or die performance with less than 11 men on the field, and then losing on penalties.

Had England reached the final - and let's be honest here, for any other country, scoring 12 times in a penalty shoot out would usually be enough - they would have struggled with suspensions (four) and injuries (at least two) decimating the squad.

I can only hope that David Bently, who withdrew from the squad before the tournament citing fatigue, was proud of himself last night as he watched the players give it everything.

We learnt something too yesterday as well - about the climate here.

This week it has been forecast to be the in the low-to-mid thirties, rising to 38° on Saturday and 41° on Sunday.

Well, that's easy for them to say.

On our way to Agia Marina yesterday for a bit of beach time, the footie and gyros, we passed the electronic thermometer at our local φαρμακιο.

It was saying 43° - that is 109° in old money.

I know we wanted to move to somewhere warmer than London, but, unlike David Bentley, that is a little bit over above and beyond the call of duty.

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