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June 30, 2007

The shell of Ipocampus

One of the nicest things about our little local Golden Beach was the small canteen that plied its trade there. You could have a couple of hours on the beach then get a cold beer or a quick gyros or something like that.


It was really cheap, had yucky but functional toilets, and a comedy waitress who was always tripping over the walkboards set on the beach. One of my favourite moments last year was using it as my base to hold a conference call - everybody else in an office in London and me literally sitting on the beach working. It was also where the local dogs and geese used to hang out.

Not this year however.

Right at the start of the season it was announced on Kydon TV's Crete News and Life that the local municipality was closing down and demolishing some illegal canteens that had been operating without licences on the local beaches.

Sadly, it seems Ipocampus was one of them.

It hasn't been open all summer, and when we walked by the other day the demolishers had moved in, and little remained of it.


The municipality, it seems, have put out to tender contracts to run a new canteen on the beach, but my faith in Greek bureaucracy is such that I wouldn't expect to see anything open on the beach this side of October.


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