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June 18, 2007

Stacks of "Bum Juice" in Chania

7471_bumjuice I wrote before about how whilst we were in Austria my beer drinking standards stooped to picking up the cheapest possible beer from Lidl - "Grafen Walder" - presumably, at a mere €0.55 a throw, the Austrian tramp's drink of choice.

We eventually took to jokingly calling it "Bum Juice" after an unfortunate mix-up when instead of calling it "Tramp Juice" we referred to the American way of depicting the homeless as bums.

Thankfully, I can now get right back on the bum juice over here - as I've discovered that the Lidl just down the road stocks it.

And it is even cheaper in Chania - €0.39 each!

We're thinking of having a Weinleitner "theme night", where we sit and eat bread and lukewarm cold meat for dinner, whilst listening to a "Fighting Talk" podcast and drinking bum juice. Just like the good ole days.

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... and you could round off the theme night by finding a bar where you could watch the short, chubby owner beating all-comers at pool, while the local under-age drinkers make out - all to the strains of Harmony FM.

BTW, just got back from a couple of nights in Karjaa (SW Finland) at Marja's parents' place, where her father was drinking ... wait for it ... Bum Juice! Not sure how I kept a straight face.

I tell you, that Harmony FM earworm of a jingle will be lodged in my head until the grave. Thankfully a lot longer than some of the rubbish they played.

Update: €0.99 a can for Bum Juice in Helsinki LIDL - shocking but pretty much in keeping with the cost of bibbing index...

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