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June 13, 2007

Road Trip Day #6: Kato Zakros and Vai Beach

We used our base at Sitia to explore a couple of Crete's best beaches on the sixth day of our road trip.

First we headed to Kato Zakros. Claire has always wanted to visit it and have a coffee by the beach, to recreate one of the most picturesque scenes in our Cretan guide book.

Boy, she paid for that coffee with her driving.


The road down to Zakros was the most winding of the journey so far - at one point we virtually had to do a hand-brake turn just to execute going right at a junction. There was quite a breeze as well.

However, when we got there it was well worth it.


The population of Kato Zakros is meant to be just 24, and it was even smaller than Mohlos the day before. We had a great coffee watching the waves roll in, and Claire explored looking for more flowers for her collection.

After that we headed back north towards the famous Vai beach, with its palm trees.


When we got there it was lunchtime, so we headed to the restaurant up in the cliffs.

It was noticeable that this side of the island was quite small, as we kept on seeing the same people and groups of people throughout the day as we moved around the different sites and sights.

I wasn't quite sure what we'd done wrong, but the staff there were quite sniffy with us. Perhaps because we weren't French (who make up the majority of the tourists in this region of Crete) or because we only ordered a couple of starter dishes.

After that we settled down for some serious beach time amongst the palm trees.


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