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June 02, 2007

Road Trip Day #3: A night out in Ag. Nikolaos

We went out for our first night in Ag. Nikolaos around 7pm. We stopped at a bar we had spotted earlier - Cafe Du Lac - for cocktails. No fresh mint was the refrain we are used to hearing when ordering a Mohito, so instead Claire had a Caparinia. This came made with lemon instead of lime, and was pretty unpalatable.


Our next stop was Taverna Zygos, right in the corner of the lake. Here we had a lot of entertainment from a little 4 year old boy called Nikos, who was enjoying acting like a strong man by hauling in one of the boats, then letting it drift out into the lake again, then hauling it in again. Well, hauling it in all of three feet I guess. His game was brought to an abrupt halt by a rather spiteful tweenager who sat down at that exact spot, and stretched her legs out onto the boat so it wouldn't move any more.

The taverna was quite nice, but the service was pretty poor, and Claire was left a little on edge by the nearby presence of the lake's geese.


By 9 o'clock we were more than ready for food again, and so headed to the restaurant underneath Hotel Du Lac. We had been having a running joke with the tout there during the day, and settled down to enjoy some fish.

The setting was beautiful, but despite them making a mean Irish Coffee, ultimately it was over-priced and disappointing - exactly as our guide book had warned us the lakeside tavernas would be. Oh, when will we learn?

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