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June 24, 2007

Road Trip Day #7: Watching West Ham with a load of sweaty drunken Brits

Tevez As it was a Sunday, the main event of the afternoon focussed on trying to find somewhere to watch English football. It has taken me a long time to write up this whole trip, so cast your mind back, if you will, to the climax of the Premiership season.

West Ham needed to get a result against Manchester United at Old Trafford to stay up, whilst Sheffield United were tussling with Wigan. Depending on the permutations of the results, any of West Ham, Sheffield United or Plucky Little Wigan could end up relegated.

We soon found a place with the game on, but, wow, it certainly wasn't the best place we've ever had a drink on Crete. For a start there was no air-con and it must have been 35+ degrees in the bar. At half-time Claire had to have a walk outside to cool down!

It was also full of the kind of ignorant British tourists we usually try and do our best to avoid. We'd only been in the bar 5 minutes before one Brit was bellowing rudely at the bar "Do you take English money? Do you take English money?" as if the Euro that the Greeks use was some kind of obscure regional magic bean.

Then another guy started arguing with the barman that his beer wasn't cold enough.

Honestly, what are we Brits like when we go abroad?

Being in Greece although I get to read the results and see games, I don't really get British football culture here - so I was astonished at the crowd's reaction to West Ham.

Over here the whole Tevez affair had been a minor disciplinary incident. In Ierapetra everyone in the bar was willing West Ham to be relegated as cheats.

So, Claire and I had to show a great deal of restraint when Tevez, who else, scored the goal that ended up keeping West Ham in the Premiership.

Of course, the whole saga isn't over yet, what with Sheffield United setting a new record for moaning after the event!

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