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June 27, 2007

Road Trip Day #7: The dancing girls of Ierapetra

For dinner in Ierapetra we had in mind a trip to a well regarded restaurant called Portego, which specialises in cooking in a wood-fired oven. However, once we'd struggled to find it, we found that they were shut for the night. So no slow-cooked lamb in a clay pot with yogurt for us.


We then looked along the water-front to narrow down our options, and ended up being dragged into one taverna to inspect the fish in the fridge. Although it looked nice we did feel a little hectored, so walked further down to explore more.

We ended up at a very Greek place called Faro, which had very plain tables, and an old boy mumbling away on his guitar. We sat in the corner, and then, since there was just the two of us, got moved to a table next to the guitar man.

It was a fortuitous move, as it set up the entertainment for the evening. We had a massive mixed sea-food platter for two, which seemed to take an eternity to arrive, but which was well worth the wait. We didn't mind waiting though, because of the floorshow.

We'd already actually sampled the dancing girls of Ierapetra during lunch, when a bunch of tweenagers on the beach were taking it in turns to show off their trainee pole-dancing moves to get the attention of any passing tweenage boys.

At Faro though we got a more private display. Well, at least it was from someone who thought it was in private anyway. In the house opposite the taverna a young girl was practising her booty shaking dance moves along to some pop tv programme, seemingly unaware that she was in a full view of a greatly entertained crowd in the taverna. At any second we expected her to produce a hairbrush and start singing along into the "microphone" as well.

What made it even funnier, was that whilst she was gyrating and grooving to herself upstairs in a world of her own, in the shop on the ground floor of the same building we could see what looked like her little sister doing exactly the same moves to impress her mum behind the counter!

I blame Beyoncé myself

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