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June 01, 2007

Darling buds of may

0001_goatsbeard As I've now become a lady of leisure, I'm very fortunate to have plenty of time on my hands to explore this beautiful island I'm living on. This time last year we were focusing our minds on finding a flat and a job, so I didn't take much notice of our surroundings. However the explosion of colour, courtesy of the multitude of Cretan wild flowers, has not passed me by this spring.

When you start taking a closer look at the wild flowers, blanketing the hillsides and unexpectedly peeking out from pavements and rocky beaches, you realise just how many different species there are.

I started recognising a few species of flowers here and there and then, bizarrely enough, formed a bit of an interest. Who'd have thunk it? Believe me, no one is more surprised than I am. I don't know anything about flowers. I don't even know the names of the basic, common types that 'everybody' knows. Even Martin knows more about flowers than I do, courtesy of his mum and her green fingers. Well, all that's about to change!

In spite of...well, really because of...my ignorance, I bought a book called "Wild Flowers of Crete" by Vangelis Papiomitogiou. This handy little book lists more than 500 species of wild flower found on the island, complete with descriptions and pictures - so even idiots like me can use it.

0020_wildleek Yes, I realise flower spotting sounds mind numbingly dull, but it's actually quite addictive. And made my long morning walks a lot more interesting. I could hunt as I walked. Hhmm...Hunt for flowers...like hunting for clues...like being a detective...like being a CSI!! I love flower hunting!!

All 'evidence' gathered can be viewed on my new flickr account. Yes, you read right...my very own flickr account (don't want to ruin currybet's street cred with pictures of flowers!). So visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/dragon-lady/.

If you're wondering about the name...I have a dragon tattoo on my back, and yes, I can be a real dragon.

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I did wonder who dragon-lady was with her lovely and accurately-named pictures of flowers, adding me as a contact on Flickr. it all makes sense now!

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