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June 17, 2007

Cuban cocktail fiasco

We've spotted that there are a whole series of hotel resorts near Agios Apostoli that offer Happy Hours in the afternoon on cocktails - and that the times are all slightly offset. With that in mind, the other week when our friends were over we took them on a cocktail crawl through the area.

This turned out to have its limitations.

It was nice enough, but since they were chucking them out at half price the cocktails weren't exactly up to scratch.

Cubancocktails A particular culprit in this respect was the Cuban fiasco at the very first place we stopped at, called Inea.

The barman was a very cheery chap, but he didn't speak a great deal of English, and his command of cocktail recipes was shaky to say the least.

After a lengthy discussion where it emerged that he couldn't describe the ingredients of any of the coktails to answer Claire's questions we got a round of random drinks that verged from the unpleasant to the undrinkable - and bore little relation to what we had ordered.

He then came back to the table and suggested that we should all try a Mohito, which was from his country, Cuba.

Well, Mohito is Claire's favourite so we all leapt at the chance, although probably the first round of drinks should have warned us about the upcoming quality.

The Mohitos were almost OK - but not quite. He did a salsa back over to us again, and topped up the rum level after we'd had time for a few sips, and then we paid up and made our excuse and left.

Well I paid up, and got into a long conversation where I either managed to explain to him that we lived just down the road and our friends were visiting us from London, or possibly I agreed to house his wife in London for a few weeks - it wasn't entirely clear...

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