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June 16, 2007

A trying day

I didn't have the best of days on Thursday - it sort of seemed like everything I touched or tried to do fell apart.

First up I went down into town to the TripleW internet cafe to get some work done. This was somewhat hampered by spending twenty minutes fiddling with my laptop and the connection, and failing to get them to play nice. In the end I had to use a different computer.

Whilst I was there I downloaded updated versions of Firefox and iTunes to put on the main computer at home. Firefox updates like a dream, but iTunes was a whole other story.

Itunes It took about three hours for the software to re-asses all of the music on the PC, edit around 3000 tracks for 'gapless' playback, and then try and re-upload these to my iPod. I got error message after error message and there was much swearing.

So to cheer me up we settled down to watch a DVD.

Which promptly didn't work.

Then at 9 I left to go to Agia Marina to watch the England Under 21s against their Italian equivalent.

Half an hour later I was still standing at the foot of the road, having seen two buses and countless taxis whizz past me without stopping. I managed to get there seconds before kick-off in the end,

As I said, not the best of days...

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